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We have very strong customer values, and we adapt to our dynamic world and its needs. Many asset managers concentrate on liquid assets. We, however, add value by identifying asset-based investments, often in an innovative way. We are aware that an entrepreneur’s concept of risk can differ from that of professional investment managers. We aim to bridge that gap. We acknowledge that the provision of an integrated service needs a distinct organisational framework based on teamwork rather than personal targets.

Harness The Power of Listening

Many businesses are good at telling you what they offer rather than truly listening to what the client wants. At London & Oxford, we never fail to listen and ask insightful questions where necessary because this is the first step to understanding our clients’ wants and needs. Focused listening and insightful questions have helped us to grow as a trusted asset manager

Beyond Technical Knowledge

We are proud of the level of our technical abilities. At London & Oxford, we offer something even more valuable. We constantly strive to draw the lessons learnt from our clients to find practical solutions to often complex problems.

Act as One

Our expert team members focus on seeing things from our clients’ perspectives. When recruiting colleagues, we look for those who will excel in a team environment geared towards client interests.

Lead Quietly

We strive continually to grow internationally as a leading financial asset manager. We never forget to progress quietly and efficiently because discretion is valued by many of our clients. The best decisions are often made by clients themselves, with experts educating, supporting and facilitating the entire process, rather than encouraging them to accept pre-packaged solutions.

Transactions Without Borders

Our client base is international, and clients cherish the international perspective that we bring to the discussion. We have access to multiple contacts and investment opportunities in the UK, continental Europe and more generally, worldwide, with a particular focus on Asia. Our philosophy and point of view are shaped by a combination of traditional values and a contemporary world outlook.

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Note to Current and Prospective Customers:
We are currently not undertaking any Part 4A regulated activity, onboarding any new clients or marketing, or communicating any invitation to engage in investment activities. Further information about the requirements that apply to Part 4A permission can be found at the FCA Register (See Financial Services Register | FCA). Please contact us to discuss further if you have any questions.