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London & Oxford continues to increase its portfolio and now has approximately £850m of property assets under management. This includes both commercial and residential property and the asset split is 80% and 20% respectively representing our track record of completed transactions.  





With more than 25 years’ experience operating in the heart of the city, navigating economic booms and recessions, London & Oxford continues to thrive. The London & Oxford team of experts, comprising in-house Chartered Surveyors, Accountants and Investment Bankers, believes in spending time with clients listening to their needs, understand their problems and, in turn, designing bespoke real estate investment solutions, that address risk versus return, tax efficiency and asset allocation across different asset classes.


We believe that now, more than ever, customers need an agile real estate manager that is constantly adapting to the ever-changing climate. At London & Oxford we are continuing to grow and develop our offering aligned to the changing dynamics of the market created by Brexit and Covid-19. By placing your trust in us, you can rest assured that you will find a team fully committed to driving success from your investment decisions.

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Note to Current and Prospective Customers:
We are currently not undertaking any Part 4A regulated activity, onboarding any new clients or marketing, or communicating any invitation to engage in investment activities. Further information about the requirements that apply to Part 4A permission can be found at the FCA Register (See Financial Services Register | FCA). Please contact us to discuss further if you have any questions.