Three Main Business Areas

Investment Banking The investment banking division specialises in small and medium cap transactions. The services include:
• Cross-border M&A services from sourcing suitable investments through to transaction    negotiation and execution as well as post M&A integration.
• Identifying underperforming/non-core assets and providing strategic advice on ways    either to either improve performance or close down or sell off such assets.
• Listings on the London Stock Exchange either through the reverse takeover of an    existing company with a listing or an Initial Public Offering.
Asset Management Asset management is an adaptive service that caters to the needs of Institutional Investors, Family Offices, High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs). The services include:
• Constructing low cost single or multi-asset funds to match the risk return profile of    investors.
• Advising on the suitability of individual investments with hedge and private equity    funds as well as direct investments into infrastructure funds.
• Providing general investment advice on the currency, debt, credit, cash equity markets    and their derivatives.
Corporate Advisory Corporate advisory services cater to the needs of corporates and institutions alike drawing on London & Oxford’s operational experience. The services include:
• Providing transactional advice on the most appropriate investment structure and the    most suitable professional partners.
• Providing interim management with specialist product knowledge and local market    experience.
• Providing ongoing management support and advice to ensure that businesses are    integrated properly and technology transfer is executed smoothly.
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