Paul Newton

Founder and Managing Director

Paul spent the first part of his career working for large financial institutions, namely the Bank of America NT & SA and the Swiss Bank Corporation where, at the time of leaving, he was the head of the Special Transactions Team. While establishing London & Oxford Group as a niche investment banking operation, he has been responsible for several groundbreaking transactions and has built up a number of senior level contacts within the financial sector. Paul studied Chemistry at the Queen's College, Oxford and won three boxing Blues.

Sijia Wang

Member of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sijia joined the London & Oxford Group in 2016 and has been appointed as the new CEO of the firm. She is now the key investment banking contact serving Chinese private enterprises entering the UK and Europe. She is also responsible for creating investment portfolios to meet clients' investment objectives and preferences. Prior to joining the London & Oxford Group, Sijia worked as the Head of Asian Markets at Valbury Capital. She has an excellent client base and excellent access to a range of investment products in the US and Europe. She graduated with an MSc in international finance from Queen Mary, University of London.

Dr. Chaiyakorn Yingsaeree

Chief Operating Officer

Chai is responsible for daily operations and quantitative risk management. Chai worked as a quantitative trading analyst at the US hedge fund Citadel (US $25 billion AUM), where he was in charge of high frequency trading and arbitrage strategies, as well as software development. Other experiences include founding and running the big data fintech company Blue Nebula, a company which utilises artificial intelligence and big data technology as a tool to evaluate and perform of stock analysis. He is an expert in quantitative investment, artificial investment, big data and cloud solutions, and is proficient in over 26 computer languages. He has published several research papers in leading quantitative finance magazines.

Dr. Joerg Fabri

Germany Region Adviser

Dr. Joerg Fabri specialises in transactions of chemicals and utility industry. He is a chemicals and energy specialist with a board range of experiences in the German and British industries. He is also a Co-founder and Managing Partner of Allocate Consultancy in Germany and works closely with the London & Oxford Group.

Henry Blyth

Head of Compliance

Henry has over thirty years’ investment experience with a number of stockbroking firms and was Head of Equity Research at Gilbert Eliott. He has a deep understanding of the City of London’s regulatory framework. Henry graduated from Queen’s College Oxford and holds a Law degree from the University of London.

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