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London & Oxford Group is an integrated City of London-based financial group, established in 1993, combining investment banking, asset management, financial advisory services and brokerage . London & Oxford provides such services through London & Oxford Capital Markets Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Specifically, London & Oxford can provide advice to companies on improving their capital structures and ways to access new debt and equity financing in the international capital markets. It can also assist companies expand through M&A transactions to exploit the synergistic benefits of acquiring new and complementary technologies, products and brands.

The main office and its European headquarters is in the heart of the City of London. It also has offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. As a result of the China-UK golden era and the Chinese 'one belt one road' policy, London & Oxford's current focus is on providing financing and investment advice to private companies in China wishing to enter the UK and the wider European markets. As part of this focus, London & Oxford seeks opportunities where a Chinese angle makes for a more interesting investment proposition. The UK Education sector is an excellent example where Chinese investors bring fresh capital and clients.

Above all, London & Oxford consists of experienced professionals that bring together senior level contacts, strong expertise, top-level strategic thinking and well-honed execution skills to assist its corporate and institutional clients, both big and small, to realise their international goals.

Established in 1993, fully authorised and regulated by Financial      Conduct Authority (FCA); A professional team with many years of experience in investment      banking and asset management; Extensive business contacts and capacity to access high quality      investment opportunities in the UK, continental Europe and China; Familiarity with the regulatory and investment climate in overseas      markets, particularly in the China market; Excellent communication links between offices in London, Tokyo and      Shanghai and; Experienced in primary and secondary markets;
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